The Fowlers and the Rico Companies offer six scholarships for continued education at a university level. These six will be continued but with outside funding we hope the number can be expanded to fifteen within the next year and a half and double that within the next three years.

We are seeking funding for new students and would like to talk to potential sponsors, private individuals or companies. (Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a student.) The money that you donate is donated to the student 100%. No administration fees are taken out from the funding and the money that is left at the end of the year is either returned to you or rolled into the account for the next year. You will be able to track expenses as students are required to submit monthly expense accounts which are posted on the internet.

Finally, within three to five years, revenue generated from the tennis program will be used to fund as many scholarships as possible.

Special thanks go to George Cruz and Russel Turner
for their continued financial support of our 3rd year international law student "Fon".

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