While on-scholarship through the Rico Foundation scholarship program the student is required to:

1. Report weekly to their assigned Rico staff member.
2. Not accept, apply for or be receiving any other form of student loan, government support or other financial assistance.
3. Retain a minimum yearly and cumulative GPA as listed below:

Faculty & Major
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year

4. Complete a paid internship at Rico Hand knits (Thailand) Co.,Ltd or an internship with another company who is providing     a scholarship or a government organizations for 30 days. This can be between school terms or which ever month you are     available. The student will be paid a wage for the 30 days. Currently the rate is 135 Baht a day which is equal to 4,050     Baht over 30 days. This amount will be divided and added to the monthly personal expense (4,050/12 = 350 Baht)
5. Follow the chosen curriculum unless consent is given in writing from the Rico Foundation.

If the student is found in breach of these regulations, financial support will be determined.


Additional Regulations

1. While studying, the students must stay in the university dormitory. In the case that the student chooses to stay outside the     university dormitory, this change must be approved in writing by the Rico Foundation. If approved, the Rico scholarship will     pay the equivalent of the dormitory rate of the attended university.
2. Rico Scholarship does not allow the student to take a summer course unless it is the part of curriculum.

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