We believe that in today’s world, a higher education is the key to the development of the individual and absolutely essential for the progress and development of a country. It is our belief, that with education many of the world’s social ills and conflicts can be solved. With this in mind we have decided to target university scholarships by offering educational opportunities for as many young Thais as financially possible. It is our plan to multiply the number of scholarships we offer by finding additional sponsors.

We believe that if sponsors; A.) Have instant access to transparent accounting. B.) Know that 100 % of their donated funds go solely to student’s education, it will make donating easier. (Please see Scholarship Accountability page for details)

We also are in the process of building a world class tennis facility in Northern Thailand that has the objective of supporting these scholarships.

Many foundations rely solely on fund raising activities and this can be a tedious task. So it is our belief that along with individual sponsorships, that a for-profit enterprise would be a more sustainable form of funding. For this reason “The Rico Tennis Center” is being built.


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