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Volume II No. 1, Article by Dave Kensler
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Below: PBI Professional Victor Motta
conducts clinics for local school children.

It is a business plan Ric and Corinne Fowler will probably not have to worry about anyone else trying to copy.

     Begin by creating a company based on hand-knit clothing sewn by 2,000 women from the poor rural mountain villages of northern Thailand. Next form a foundation to provide college scholarships for children from those villages. Finally, build a resort in northern Thailand, with an emphasis on tennis, and stipulate all profits from the resort business go towards the foundation and those scholarships!

      For Fowler, born and raised on Coronado island across the bay from San Diego, California, but who has lived and worked for the past twenty-five years in Thailand, it is all a natural extension of his creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and socially conscious approach to life.

     "I am lucky that my passion for traveling, international business and sports also allowed me to earn a living." he explained from the open breezy and comfortable living room in his Coronado home. "We all leave this planet naked and dead". We are not taking anything with us."

"Our kids have to work a little harder to make it which is what we are looking for in the selection process."
     "I will not just slap down a bunch of tennis courts just to say we have a tennis facility," he emphasized. "Our resort is a destination. You can relax, have fun and enjoy unique experiences."