The two main objectives of the Rico Foundation are the promotion of higher education and the advancement of sports excellence.

To achieve these goals we have two programs. The first is a scholarship program where financially disadvantaged children will have the opportunity to get a university level education. Currently six full scholarships are available which cover the costs of tuition, living, travel, and all other education activities. The criteria for acceptance into the program is based on grade point average, the family's economic background, and a personal assessment by the board or their appointed representative.

The second program is to promote tennis excellence in Thailand and Asia by building a world class facility catering to the most dedicated and able young tennis players. We hope that children who would have never have had the opportunity to compete at a professional level will be able to achieve their own goal of becoming a tennis super star. Disadvantaged children from the local district will be able to enter the program for little or no cost and the most able students will be given personal instruction by top tennis pros.
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Funding has been initially been provided by Ric and Corinne Fowler with other initial donations from Rico International Corp. USA and Thailand. Currently other sponsors are being sought and the facility is in the construction phase.More >>


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