The Rico Foundation is a non-profit foundation that was established to fund University level education for financially disadvantaged Thai children. Many Thai students do finish high school but unfortunately for financial reasons, are forced to forgo additional education. Although there is some government aid available for many students, most the time for the poorest families, it is still impossible to afford the additional cost involved. Therefore the foundation supports a few of these particular students. They are often the most motivated and see a University education as essential. They recognize this is the best way to improve their own lives but also realize this will be a way to enable them to give back to their communities.

The foundation was established after four years of experience with a scholarship program in Chiang Kham, Thailand. Initially a project of Ric & Corinne Fowler and the staff of Rico Lifestyle Thailand.

The foundation evolved as the most effective way to promote higher education for these kids. With the knowledge gained from these first four years of the initial program and inspired by the positive results, we decided to expand the program by applying for official foundation status. This of course allows us to raise additional money for funding.

Thus the "for profit tennis resort" concept was created to ensure long term funding for a youth tennis program, maintenance of the facilities and of course the university scholarships. (Please see "Tennis program" for additional information)